Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mafia Game and Beyond

Mafia Game and Beyond

Further to Members of Parliament and media outlets, Beyond the NSW Taxi Royal Commission, An Open Letter to NSW Premier Nathan Rees and Taxi Washer to Taxi Mafia the director General of Transport and Infrastructure invited people at meetings without agenda!

It appears they are not frank and honest enough in their intent. Nonetheless they also do not want to improve the industry. Furthermore they want to reward the taxi mafia by releasing many more taxi plates which is detrimental to public, taxi drivers and taxi owners’ interest. It is also clear that they do not have any yardstick to measure the demand and therefore an attempt to match the demand with proper supply. All in all it is fairly clear that the taxi mafia remains in charge.

The attitude, intention and overall direction of the Ministry and the Department of Transport and Infrastructure are very uncertain if not anti-public.

The democratic and long overdue Taxi Advisory Committee and Taxi Drivers’ Safety Committee is also outside the consideration of the Ministry of Transport.

Beyond Taxi Corruption provides a further look on how they have been committing crimes since 1984 with the assistance of the corrupt leaders of the NSW Transport Workers Union and many other public officials within the NSW Government.

The Power of the Taxi Mafia is beyond anyone’s imagination! A little taxi washer became taxi mafia and now he is the bus mafia!! It is beggar’s belief no one virtually can drive a private bus in this state without his (actually his mate’s) permission!!! He never had any interest in the bus industry. However, a few years ago the government of NSW gave one of his companies a very lucrative deal to construct buses. Most of these buses are not in a very good condition and full of problems. Yet, the mafia and his Cabcharge are making lots of money contrary to the state and public interest.

Taxi Washer to Taxi Mafia

Taxi mafia used to wash taxis at Bayswater Road, Kings Cross. Taxi drivers wanted to sack him because he was not washing taxis properly. But, the mafia survived due to racism and sectarianism. However, he became owner of two taxis and a few more earthly possessions by shagging a widower. Eventually, he became the taxi mafia by adding misery and misfortune on taxi drivers, owners and passengers. Ironically, successive NSW Premiers and Ministers of Transport started to lick his balls and they threw bag full of money at him. As a result, he gained the power to sue any one, silence anyone and even destroy someone!

What a mighty man the taxi mafia is?! One must wonder what happened to other man and woman of the state of NSW?!!? Are they mouse and mice?

An Open Letter to NSW Premier Nathan Rees

Taxi plates are the property of the State and public. Taxi plates must be used for the benefit of the State and the public.

The Safety and comfort of the public and drivers ought to be the top priority of the taxi industry. No one should be kowtowing to the taxi mafia because the taxi industry is a service industry and totally different from a casino or the stock exchange.

Like the old days, taxi plates should be issued to only working taxi drivers with a provision of temporary relief in case of death and disablement. In the recent past, the authorities started to hand over taxi plates to the taxi mafia and many people who should not have been allowed into the taxi industry in the first place! They also made it very difficult, if not impossible, to ensure accountability and transparency by keeping the taxi owners register secret.

The practice of handing over many types of taxi plates to a selective few appears to be a very corrupt process and contrary to public and state interest. Too many politically expedient “quick-fixes” have created a maze of convoluted structures, largely devoid of stakeholder participation. Silencing and sabotaging many reports and inquiries regarding this issue is blatant proof of the deception and fraud. Furthermore, suffocating and hoodwinking the public in its genuine efforts to win some accountability and transparency within the NSW Department of Transport, Ministry of Transport and other bodies were in the past and still are at the present very devious and intimidatory.

Time is right to come clean.

The NSW Government must:
1. Recall all Nexus Taxi Plates and other types of taxi plates given to taxi networks and companies.
2. Demand that taxi networks and companies holding "free" plates hand back the plates and the income generated by all Nexus Taxi Plates and other plates given to them by the government.
3. Open up the Taxi Register like Company Registers.
4. Issue taxi plates to working taxi drivers only. (Instead of empowering networks to intimidate taxi drivers the Government must empower taxi drivers & operators to pressure networks into providing the booking services that the traveling public wants and is entitled to).
5. Gradually remove speculative investors from owning taxi plates. Remember, they brought corruption rather than creativity.
6. Stop issuing false and misleading Media Releases like the one below. Stop past and future unnecessary harassment of taxi drivers in order to divert attention from the corruption and incompetence within the government and bureaucracy.
7. Re-establish the Taxi Advisory Council and Taxi Drivers' Safety Task Force as per the principles laid down by Justice Edwards and Beattie as well as Sir Asher Joel’s recommendation.
8. Allow and nurture the Taxi Advisory Council and Taxi Drivers' Safety Task Force without them being infiltrated by taxi mafia, stooges and Labor Party thugs.
9. Have a Taxi Royal Commission with widest possible Terms of Reference.

Faruque Ahmed
Moderator, Sydney Taxi Corruption, Mobile: 041 091 4118
Monday, October 12, 2009