Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mike Jeffreys of 2UE and His Mission against Muslims

Mike Jeffreys of 2UE and His Mission against Muslims

Mike Jeffreys is afraid of debate. He hides behind four walls and telephonists. Today (Monday, 10 May 2010) he allowed a professional caller named “Debbie” without any question whatsoever. This “Debbie” has been sprouting anti-Muslim sentiments at every available radio shows and stations using questionable stories about burqa. Mike Jeffreys also allowed another caller called “Mohammed” to incite against Muslims in a very cunning way. I suspect both of them could be similar to Australian Reporter according to Australian values, culture and tradition. Surely people like them gave us Australia, Australian values and Psyche and consistently inciting against many groups of people like Muslim Hunt Continuum and Australian Media and The Sydney Morning Herald and Zionised Erik Jensen.

Last time (from my memory) Mike made a few allegations against me. When I asked him to substantiate those allegations, he failed miserably in his own show! Since then he is not giving me any opportunity to talk to his show.

Surely nothing is stopping Mike to use valid information of Rev Bill Crews and Burqa or provide us a right of reply before embarking on a mission against Muslims! He is also welcome to place his response in those links should he wish to do so.

Faruque Ahmed

Moderator, Free Australia Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Monday, May 10, 2010


  1. Mike Jeffrys represents new style of reporting in Australia and it is somewhat racist and fascist. The corporate media will tell you one sided story which is far from the truth and reality. Thus in a way they are conspiring a robotic and compliant society. These peoples are disgusting indeed. They are enemies of free speech and democracy.

  2. What a sad state of affairs! The Zio-Nazi apologists are overtaking Nazis sixty years later!! Mike Jeffrys got no conscience.