Saturday, April 25, 2009

ANZAC Exposed

Last night at the concert poet Jenny Dixon gave me autographed “A Shoe Fling”. I am going to publish it sometime tonight. 2GB’s gutless Frank Crook refused to talk to me about this concert because he would like to maintain the ANZAC myth rather than accepting the truth!

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Some times some friends become unlucky not by an accident , only by well engineered plan.

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Denis Kevans Memorial Concert on Anzac Eve 2009

I am a night worker and it is very hard for me to wake up in the morning, but I had no choice to day! Generally speaking Friday is my day off and is full of political and other activities. I had two appointments ranging from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm and beyond.

For the 1.00 p.m. appointment I left my home at 12.30 pm. I was other side of the road just opposite the bus stop. The traffic was not that bad and I signaled the driver. The poor, bugger bus driver noticed me and continued on his journey without stopping. The second bus was cancelled. I was worried about my appointment in the city with a politician and my pedantic friend. I was also concerned about my lack of "punctuality" due to situations outside of my control.

Luckily, the politician in question rang up and rescheduled the appointment for 3.00 pm! That gave me extra time to get there. I was glad about this and finished my other appointments while I was having my lunch!

During my lunch, I noticed the poor Sydney University of Technology canteen had put their prices up. This reminded me of the pest of Australian politics John Howard.

The student unions were outside the realm of influence of John Howard and the Israeli lobby. One could easily conclude that for these reasons Howard and his masters cunningly weakened the poor student unions. Some of the naive right wing students took Howard's bait at that time and now all Australian students, generally are suffering from that Howard led, Australian "neo-con" plot.

Angry and disappointed, I went outside and had a nice kebab at a nearby "Lebanese shop". Over there too I noticed the price of the lunch was about three dollars up from similar businesses about a kilometer away! Would you believe an Indian eatery had the same situation to! None the less while I was lodging my fussy complaint, the attractive and young girl who was listening to me smiled and said, "you are correct and I will look after you". While I was talking to her I could not ignore noticing a big muscled guy with an equally bigger knife at the kebab rotisserie nearby. He too made a joke as he was cutting the kebab and the attractive girl gave me a free piece of baklava to keep me quiet.

With a full belly I headed for Leichardt Town Hall. Thanks to Mayor James Parker and many other good people who allowed us to use the council's property and facilities for such an uplifting cause.

It was Denis Kevans Memorial Concert on Anzac Eve 2009. This was different, daring and ultimately a fulfilling event. Despite a lack of media coverage around two hundred people of all backgrounds, attended. Included in the crowd were a few musicians, performers, documentary makers, historians and various other creative and artistic persons.

During this lively and spontaneous evening we spoke, chanted and generally enjoyed culturally rich and intellectually stimulating way to counteract and distance ourselves from the commercially oriented war, prejudice, bigotry and negativity that was generally occurring at this time of year. We also cried out for peace and harmony.

After this five hour long event I did not know where I was or which sex, race and religion of people I was with. I thought I was with good human beings and I actually was.

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