Saturday, April 25, 2009

An autographed poem of Jenny Nixon

An autographed poem of Jenny Nixon

A Shoe Fling

weapons of less destruction
- incoming footwear
one angry journalist tossed not one
but two shoes at President Bush
during his Baghdad press conference

journalist given three years in prison
sofa-size shoe statue in Tikrit
dedicated to the shoe thrower
quickly dismantled on police orders

when Saddam Hussein statue topples
Iraqis slap the severed head with slippers
grave insult the soles of shoes
no better than dirt beneath

death of an Afro-American brother in the USA
flagged by his shoes hanging on overhead lines
Balmain young men in gangsta jackets
fling mate's joggers over power lines as a joke

President Bush on his last day in office
given a shoe send-off
thousands in London throw shoes
boots sandals sandshoes at the Israeli Embassy
mountains of footwear

shoes chucked at US consulate in Auckland
protesting Gaza conflict.
Tibetans hurl shoes at Chinese President's effigy
Sikh reporter threw his shoe at the Home Minister
(Indian villagers attend master classes
practice throwing shoes at visiting politicians)

bloggers say shoe thrown at Iranian President Ahmadinejad
on Facebook join a group of shoe flingers against the Iraq war
send your Birkenstocks Nike Doc Martens Jimmy Choos
or Pumas to the White House
Fallujah students wave their shoes
throw stones at American soldiers

worldwide flying footwear protest movement
keeps boot-makers busy replacing lost shoes

but war continues

Jenny Nixon
Friday, April 24, 2009
Balmain Poet (Australia)

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  1. Hi, my name is jenni nixon not jenny nixon
    glad you like my poem, regards