Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taxi Driver to Muslim and Lebanese Muslims!

Taxi Driver to Muslim and Lebanese Muslims!

Paragraph 6 of "Australia, Australian values and Psyche" was based on false information and false representation propagated by the "taxi mafia" as rumour and divide and rule tactics are their preferred weapons against the public and workers. Would you believe many fell for it too!

The story was surfacing like this since 2003 and the taxi mafia took advantage in their recent Meter Magazine:
Most taxi drivers would have permanent customers ranging from doctors, engineers, workers, priest to prostitutes! In this case a father of three had two permanent prostitute customers. Maybe they had their own arrangements ranging from direct payment for taxi fares to the oldest profession’s well known way of payment which is commonly referred to as paying by the “hairy checkbook.” Somehow things may have gone wrong. These prostitutes found out that they could make $50,000.00 from the victim’s compensation process by making a complaint. So, they joined the drama which is fairly easy to prove! Now the smart driver is crying and the prostitutes are laughing all the way to the bank while the driver is possibly heading for Long Bay "Hilton". Many opined that the driver is not the real problem here but generalized that persons of Lebanese background are the problem.

Nonetheless it is not a taxi driver problem. It is neither a religious or ethnic problem. Therefore we can breathe easy and allow the law enforcement process to take it’s course to take care of the situation without any creative venom or targeting any particular group.

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